Train individuals as well as teams.

Develop your leaders and build a resilient organization.

Discover the focus points of our resilience development program

What’s In It For You?

Research shows that helplessness is the most devastating human experience. Moments like:

  • your project budget is being cut by half

  • your most senior team member leaves your group during a headcount stop

  • your company was sold and your position ends

Do you want to live a life without ever feeling helpless? To become a strong and invulnerable winner?

Instead of quick fixes, we equip you with resilient habits and skills, so that you can maximize your control over your life.

Learn how to

  • be mindfully present!

  • use your brain in a flexible, creative way!

  • manage your emotions and energy level!

  • always get access to your resilience resources!

  • make courageous decisions!

  • take fast actions!

Find the form of learning that best fits you:

Development for individuals & teams

Resilience test
For individuals: 6-10 sessions (90 mins/session) depending on the test results
For teams: 2 days
Repeated resilience test to check development

Development for leaders

Resilience test
Resilient self
Facilitating resilience development
  • Mission/vision narratives
  • Delegate for flow
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Positive communication
3 x 1 day

Why skill training without a resilient mindset won’t work.

Attitude is the foundation of behavior

Skill building without a solid positive identity and a deep understanding of the WHY’s will not work. Techniques used without credibility are useless just like an unsharpened knife.

You can learn how to say "no", but without internal strength and security, your trembling voice will convey the oppositve message.

Therefore, in each of our skill trainings we added resilience basics to the traditional content.

Resilience diamond

Resilience based assertiveness

Beyond assertive techniques, we focus on building a strong, positive self and managing frustration, irritation and anger.

feedback culture

Resilient feedback culture and skills

With us, you will learn the different types of feedback, and how not to confuse criticism with developmental feedback.

Resilient sales and customer service

Resilient sales and customer service

Beyond strengthening a positive identity we skill-drill flexible thinking to be able to easily switch between alternative solutions.

Book individual resilience coaching for your key-players!

MQ cube

As in every coaching process we focus on working through a specific challenge defined by the coachee.

Beyond using traditional coaching methods, we work with our brief coaching technique, the SkillToGo 4 Steps method.

Timeframe is adjusted to the coachee’s needs and the resilience test results.

Be one step ahead of your competition through a resilient culture!

What’s In It For You?

In resilient organizations people feel good and are highly motivated, even when expectations are high, and the environment is challenging, busy and fast-moving.

No organization is inherantly resilient. Only the leader's and HR's concious and coordinated investment in development guarantees success.

Culture change

Ongoing consultancy for top management during

  • Culture change

  • New software implementation

  • Reorganizations

  • Merger and acquisition

  • Fast growth

Positive workshop- and meeting culture

Positive workshop- and meeting culture

  • Professional facilitation for effective regular meetings

  • Transition workshops for new leaders to engage with their teams

  • Cooperation workshops

  • Conflict solving workshops

Certified Resilient Organization Expert

Certified Resilient Organization Expert

  • Blended learning program for HR experts in 7 modules

  • Supported by professional associations: OHE and Hungarian HR-Network Association

  • Small-group: maximum 8 participants

  • 10% discount for members of OHE and Hungarian HR-Network Association

HR Expert Program

Business case for HR to become a strategic partner
Five pillars of resilient and healthy positive organizations
Responsibilities and duties of an HR team in establishing the 5 pillars
Practices – What works and what does not? Positive Psychology in the background of best practices
Review of major HR processes in terms of Positive Psychology
First steps towards independent creative solutions
Action plan – specific objectives to be achieved at your company
Program available for HR teams as well.