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Our team was fortunate enough to be able to work with an international trainer team during the first 10 years of our practice.

Our growing team comes from a wide array of fields including psychology, social science and economy.

We have pioneered positive psychology in business since the beginning of the century, and maintain personal contact with the field's leading researchers.

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Thanks to decades of experience, we guarantee to answer your questions that make you wake up in the middle of the night:

  • How to make your team intrisically motivated?

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  • How to become an authentic leader?

  • How to take fast actions?

  • How to make brave decisions?

Alexandra Cser
Alexandra Cser
Co-owner and Managing Director

Trainer, facilitator, and resilience expert. Alexandra has been delivering trainings and workshops in resilience, positive identity, positive leadership, energy and stress management, culture change and mindfulness since 2008, with a positive psychology background. During this time she supported many big, medium and small companies in their development and growth. She is continuously in contact with the leading researchers of positive psychology. She regularly attends international “train the trainers” and development programs. She is a Certified Professional Facilitator by IAF and a certified local trainer of Korn Ferry. Since February 2021 she teaches Positive Psychology in Management in the MA program of the Budapest Metropolitan University.

Eszter Kovács
Eszter Kovács
Founder, Consultant, Psychologist

Eszter started her career as a doctor. Later she studied psychology and psychotherapy. In the early 90s she became the founding partner of an international training company. Her knowledge about the economy and human resources development grew together with political changes in Hungary. She has been working as a trainer and consultant with a wide range of clients, in various projects, with many different cultures and industries. She discovered the new science of positive psychology around 2000 and introduced it to our trainer team. Since then, she has been driving the efforts and success of our trainer team to implement the findings of positive psychology into business. It is her calling to spread the continuously growing knowledge of positive psychology nationwide.

Mónika Szabó
Mónika Szabó
Senior trainer, Consultant

Mónika graduated as a teacher and an OD professional. She is a certified facilitator and remote educator. She has 10+ years of experience as an HR manager and 15+ years as a trainer. She works with experts, top managers and freshly appointed leaders too, in workshops and coaching processes. She applies the tools of positive psychology in traditional content as well, such as dealing with conflicts and managing stress and priorities. Recently, she specialized in company safety programs based on positive psychology.

Géza Groma
Géza Groma
Consultant, Trainer, Burnout prevention expert

Géza studied mathematics of computer program planning, but concluded to be deeply involved in human development. He specialized in mental health and organizational development in 2014 at Semmelweis University in Budapest. He designed and delivered many burnout prevention, goal setting and other soft skill programs based on Positive Psychology. With 400+ IT specialists already trained in his programs, he became one of the most experienced burnout experts in Hungary. He is a volunteer at the Oasis Mental Health Support Center and a regular lecturer in advanced mental health education at Semmelweis University.

Sandra Orou
Sandra Orou
Psychologist, Coach, Trainer

Sandra studied psychology in Germany and has been working in her profession since 2006. In 2014 she earned her degree in behavioral therapy. In 2020 she became a certified business coach and trainer. In the past 8 years she delivered trainings and coachings for lawyers and leaders of social institutions and she also gained experience in supervision, mediation and facilitation. Her main emphasis is on resilience, empowerment, intercultural challenges, stress management, communication and mindfulness. Due to her strong psychological background, she includes analytical and empathetic skills in her work for broadening the perspective of her business customers. Sandra is also a clinical expert for stress related illnesses and burn-out. She can provide workshops, trainings and facilitations in German and English language.

Enikő Szalai
György Bovier
Trainer, consultant, motivational speaker

Gyuri specializes in diversity and inclusion programs, and is the face of several important integration campaigns. He has demonstrated proficiency in marketing, sales, and key account management. As a trainer he delivers sales and change management trainings, integration programs, and inspirational presentations. He was forced into a wheelchair after being the victim of a car accident at the tender age of seventeen. Since then the topic of resilience and positive psychology became a major part of his life. He has had considerable experience in handling extreme physical and mental challenges, as well as in switching from a negative spiral to a positive one. The credibility he has to teach resilince frameworks and their application in real life is undeniable. He is the member of the board of trustees of the Salva Vita Foundation.