Your resilience is our mission

We develop resilient organizations


Diagnose with our MQ resilience test:

  • The only not self-declaration based and validated resilience test in Europe
  • Available since 2005 in many languages
  • Suitable to document the effectiveness of any resilience programs
  • Report result in 3 factors: E, G, O

Build resilience with our MQ development programs:

  • Unique positive psychology based approach
  • Inspired by continuous contact with leading experts of the field
  • From positive communication to positive strategic leadership
  • Mutually designed programs
  • Webinars, F2F, Blended learning

Development processes

Rely on us even in the planning phase. You provide the briefing - We make things happen. We take responsibility for the content and the implementation.

Test management program

You can create 4 types of questionnaires, manage test questions, invitation emails. You can also customize test intro and ending text. The program sends emails and stores your results in a database, so you can compare them with current and past results. Contact us for an account.

Workshop methodology

Take an active role in your problem-solving processes. Trust us with the planning, facilitation and documentation of your workshops. Our Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF) guarantees the value of every single minute spent on the workshop.

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Image of Erika Seres

Erika Seres

Pozitívnak lenni annyit jelent, mint másképp gondolkodni és cselekedni a mindennapok kihívásaiban. Pozitív szervezetet építeni pedig annyit jelent, mint megtartani az egyensúlyt a hétköznapok kihívásai között ebben a folyton változó világban. Az RH+ képzés kiválóan rendszerbe foglalja a reziliencia szervezeti szintű megvalósulását és azonnali eszközöket ad a kezünkbe ahhoz, hogy már másnaptól tudjunk másképp cselekedni. Strukturált, jól követhető és AHA élményekkel teli képzésen vettem részt kiváló társaságban, melyet szívből ajánlok vezetőknek és szakmabeli kollégáknak!

Image of Sándor Hosszú

Sándor Hosszú

I have known Alexandra Cser for 8 years. We have worked together in transition workshops, career workshop, strategic workshops, and in a personal leadership coaching process. Szandi is an extremely prepared and intelligent trainer who always strives to bring the best out of you. In addition to being very knowledgeable she is always prepared, and she constantly takes time to further train herself. She is open minded and ready to deal with any topic you bring. She can advise you in a creative way. She helps you consider problems and challenges from different aspects to help you find the right strategy leading to the solution. She is a credible expert in positive leadership, she radiates healthy optimism that helps her trainees and coachees become better leaders. It is a great pleasure to work with her. After our coaching sessions I always felt recharged and full of positive energy as well as ideas and solutions.

Image of Ildikó Bóna

Ildikó Bóna

Remek előadók fantasztikus szaktudással. Szervezeti jóllét biztosításának eredményessége. Pozitív szervezet kialakításának eszközei. Személyes tapasztalatok megosztása, tanácsadás. RH plusz, no ki lesz a géniusz? Pozitív szervezet, szervezeti jóllét, Hibátlan szaktudás az előadóké. Szervezetápolás, fejlesztés, képzés, Eme programban gyarapodni élmény!

Image of András Róka

András Róka

Alexandra for me is one of the very few top trainers in Hungary. I participated her training first in the Bosch leadership development program. She is not the "average trainer", who tells nearly the same to everyone, Alexandra is carefully exploring your personality during the training time and feeding you with feedbacks and recommendations which "hit the nail on the head". In the meantime, Alexandra does not make you feel as a "student", she considers you in a very natural way as an equal partner... But still, you will recognize yourself, as carefully listening to her words :) I still recall her messages and phylosophy about conflict management. I do no simply "use it as a tool", but it became part of my core values. I highly recommend her for your long-term personal development.

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