We develop resilient organizations

Science based resilience test and development

Resilience is a basic skill for high performing teams. We focus on applied positive psychology and resilience in business. Since 2009 we've been developing a rich variety of methods and skill building tools to guide our clients. We provide skill trainings based on a resilient approach in positive leadership, sales & customer service, change management and positive communication & feedback culture.

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We develop your resilient and positive organization

Build your resilience with our SkillToGo 4 Steps resilience development program.

Perceive reality

Access unbiased data and facts!

Generate alternatives

Look for flexible interpretations.

Manage emotions

Balance emotional dynamics.

Take action

Be in control of your reactions.


What's In It For You?

Studies show that resilient employees and organizations are able to:

Move faster

75% of employees report improved overall productivity

Compete & Cooperate

Work output of a team increases on average by 20%

Go their own way

Turnover cost per employee is 35% lower

Promote well-being

The engagement level of employees increases sixfold

Why do you need resilience training: What's In It For You?
Science based content and methodology

Science based content and methodology

We take positive psychology as the foundation of our work, as it discovers and describes what it takes to become resilient.

Resilience is more than just reacting and bouncing back from difficulties. It's a combination of mindful presence, a flexible attitude and taking action.

Resilient leaders:

  • leverage quick wins and long-lasting results
  • understand the whys behind leadership tools
  • build communities not just teams

We are in continous contact Barbara L. Fredrickson, world-famous reasercher of positive emotions. For 10 years we had personal contact with Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, the father of FLOW.



Our customers love us

Erika Seres
HR Leader at Béres Zrt.

To be positive means that we think and act in a different way in everyday situations. To build positive organization means to keep balance in a continuously changing environment. The RH+ program provides an excellent structure on how to build a resilient organization and provides tools you can apply right on the next working day. I participated in a well structured, easy to follow, and ful of new insights program, with good colleagues. I sincerely recommend to participate in the program to leaders and HR colleagues.

Sándor Hosszú
Group Leader at an automotive company

I have known Alexandra Cser for 8 years. We have worked together in transition workshops, career workshop, strategic workshops, and in a personal leadership coaching process. Szandi is an extremely prepared and intelligent trainer who always strives to bring the best out of you. In addition to being very knowledgeable she is always prepared, and she constantly takes time to further train herself. She is open minded and ready to deal with any topic you bring. She can advise you in a creative way. She helps you consider problems and challenges from different aspects to help you find the right strategy leading to the solution. She is a credible expert in positive leadership, she radiates healthy optimism that helps her trainees and coachees become better leaders. It is a great pleasure to work with her. After our coaching sessions I always felt recharged and full of positive energy as well as ideas and solutions.

Ildikó Bóna
Administration and PR manager at AKA Zrt.

Excellent presenters, with special knowledge. To ensure organizational well-being. Tools to form positive organizations. Sharing experiences, consultation. RH plus, who will be the genius? Positive organization and well being. Knowledgable facilitators. Growing with this program is an adventure!

András Róka
R&D manager at Faulhaber Motors Hungary Ltd.

Alexandra for me is one of the very few top trainers in Hungary. I participated her training first in the Bosch leadership development program. She is not the "average trainer", who tells nearly the same to everyone, Alexandra is carefully exploring your personality during the training time and feeding you with feedbacks and recommendations which "hit the nail on the head". In the meantime, Alexandra does not make you feel as a "student", she considers you in a very natural way as an equal partner... But still, you will recognize yourself, as carefully listening to her words :) I still recall her messages and phylosophy about conflict management. I do no simply "use it as a tool", but it became part of my core values. I highly recommend her for your long-term personal development.