Your resilience is our mission

We develop resilient organizations


Diagnose with our MQ resilience test:

  • The only not self-declaration based and validated resilience test in Europe
  • Available since 2005 in many languages
  • Suitable to document the effectiveness of any resilience programs
  • Report result in 3 factors: E, G, O

Build resilience with our MQ development programs:

  • Unique positive psychology based approach
  • Inspired by continuous contact with leading experts of the field
  • From positive communication to positive strategic leadership
  • Mutually designed programs
  • Webinars, F2F, Blended learning

Development processes

Rely on us even in the planning phase. You provide the briefing - We make things happen. We take responsibility for the content and the implementation.

Test management program

You can create 4 types of questionnaires, manage test questions, invitation emails. You can also customize test intro and ending text. The program sends emails and stores your results in a database, so you can compare them with current and past results. Contact us for an account.

Workshop methodology

Take an active role in your problem-solving processes. Trust us with the planning, facilitation and documentation of your workshops. Our Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF) guarantees the value of every single minute spent on the workshop.

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