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  • Forms for exams
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  • MQ® resilience assessment

MQ® Measure your resilience!

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  • Reliable measuring tool to identify life strategies
  • Indicates the fastest development direction
  • Can be taken within 15 minutes
  • Your guide to be in control
  • Scientifically validated
  • 60 €/person

Az MQ® Scientific background of the test

Profile picture of Professor Barbara Fredrickson

Barbara L. Fredrickson

The Broaden and Build theory revolutionized our knowledge concerning the physiological importance of positive emotions. Our MQ® Resilience test indicates the exact level of experienced positive emotions.

Profile picture of Professor Martin Seligman

Martin E. P. Seligman

Reseacher of Learned Helplessness. Seligman proved that lack of control causes pessimism and passivity. Our MQ® Resilience test is based on Seligman's theory.


Csíkszentmihályi Mihály

Coined the notion of FLOW. The "O" dimension of our test indicates the exact amount of experienced control. Control is a precondition of being in FLOW.

MQ® Resilience test demo version

Semicircular scale color coded brown to red. Below this there is a score: 286.

Discover to what extent you are resilient. Take the demo version of the test for free!
You will see a short version of your report immediately.
Get an impression of how the test works before you decide to use it whithin your organization.
If you are interested in your detailed report contact us!


MQ® report

MQ teszt oszlopgrafikonja. 4 színes oszlop mutatja a saját elért ereményeket, a mellettük álló szürke oszlopok a középértékeket.

This is the only resilience test that has been in use for 15 years and that investigates your reactions in real life situations instead of working with a self-assessment scale.

The report will show you:

  • the general level of your resilience - compared to the average
  • your effectiveness in the three dimensions of resilience
  • your life strategy in positive and negative situations
  • your effectiveness in work and private life

MQ® development program

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  • Team development program
  • Individual coaching


  • Discover the internal dialogue
  • Learn about the 4 steps of behavior change
  • Reprogram the patterns of actual narratives
  • Understand energy management

Forms for exams

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  • 1 €/person
  • Before and after intervention
  • Full service: we create the questionnaire, send the link and evaluate the results
  • Immediate overview of reports

360 degree evaluation

Symbol of the 360 grade evaluation, 360 grade with  blue number, below them a green self-recurring arrow.

Unique features:

  • Price/value ratio: up to 15 participants 80 €
  • Flexible and variable items
  • Private e-mailer and database
  • Easy to manage platform

Satisfaction survey

Icon for satisfation survey. The hand sign of 'like' with a yellow star
  • 1 €/person
  • Private items generated according to actual challenges
  • Private account
  • Easy to repeat, even every week
  • Full service: we create the questionnaire, send the link and evaluate the results

Open questions

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  • 1 €/person
  • To get rich information
  • Full service: we create the questionnaire, send the link, evaluate the results
  • Before and during big organizational changes
  • When implementing new processes
  • In case of appointing a new leader