Professional Workshops & Meetings


You can expect the desired outcome within a given time frame only with professional facilitation, because he/she:

  • creates an atmosphere of trust needed for openness
  • provides structure to the program
  • ensures focus
  • enhances interaction
  • documents the process

Why should you work with an external facilitator?

  • Because you can be involved in the discussion and the processes.
  • Because facilitation is a profession, which takes many years to master.
  • Because time is money, and skilled facilitators achieve more with your team in a shorter time.
  • Because high energy and effectiveness count, and to achieve that you need professional techniques.

Why choose SkillToGo?

Because you get a professional facilitator certified by the International Association of Facilitators:

Cser Alexandra

Alexandra Cser

CEO, Resilience expert, Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, CPF

Graduated from ELTE Faculty of Arts, studied at Sorbonne University, Paris. Certified in Positive Psychology by Barbara Fredrickson in 2015, and by...

Szent Adalbert tér 20.

+36 20 968 2222

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