Resilience for everyone

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September 26

110 €/person

Before the one day program you will take our MQ-Resilience test. Participants get the report of the test and a detailed development plan during the program.

Planned content:

  • Setbacks, risks, challenges – Unusual team competition, an AHA experience about the importance of resilience, broadening your comfort zone.
  • Cser-Kovács resilience curve
  • Be responsible for yourself – confront reality
  • Dimensions of resilient behavior: E – Endurance, G - Generalization, O - Ownership
  • Your MQ® result and directions on how to develop your individual resilience
  • 4:1 positivity ratio, creating and maintaining a high energy level
  • Change to a resilient life style

Presenters and facilitators: Alexandra Cser and Gyorgy Bovier. Besides the academic science of resilient reaction you will also get a first-hand experience from Gyuri along with practical tools and tips on how to handle the most difficult situations of life.

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Alexandra Cser

CEO, Resilience expert, Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, CPF

Graduated at ELTE Faculty of Arts, studied at Sorbonne University, Paris. Certified in Positive Psychology by Barbara Fredrickson in 2015, and by the VIA…

György Bovier

Inspirációs előadó, tréner

Nagyvállalati tanácsadó a megváltozott munkaképességűek foglalkoztatása témában. Több integrációs kampány arca és lebonyolítója. A Magyar…