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From HR Leader to CHRO

Task orientation and people orientation hand in hand. First of all the CEO and the CHRO are authorized to implement new processes for the entire organization. Only the two of them have complete overview of the whole organization, therefore their co-operation has special importance.

  • Blended learning program with 7 modules
  • Supported by professional associations: OHE and Hungarian HR-Network Association
  • Next program starts on 9 July
  • Limited access, maximum 8 participants. Apply NOW!
  • 10% discount for members of OHE and Hungarian HR-Network Association
Resilience: dried up, cracked earth with a yellow flower.

Resilience for everybody

If you want to work in an organization where every associate is your highly motivated ally, even in diffcult times, then send them to our resilience programs.

  • Groups of maximum 20 participants
  • F2F and online
  • Learn where energy and motivation come from, enhance independent decision making and action
  • Basic program: 4 x 1,5 hours
  • Preparation - tailored to your needs
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Carreer, way of life, consultation

  • 5 times
  • Mq method, SkillToGo intellectual property
  • Documented development, measured by the MQ® test
  • "Miro-trigger" contact between each consultation

For those who

  • wants to live consciously.
  • care for themselves.
  • want to ecome more resilient.
  • want faster change.
  • need business approach as well.