Győztes csapat - vezetői tréning


  • We build positive emotions and positivity resonance as prerequisites of cooperation.
  • We teach how to manage both healthy competition and cooperation
  • We put signature strengths into the focus to enable outstanding team performance



Max 12 participants


1 day

Winning Team

Leadership training/workshop

„Talents win the game,
but the team and meaning win the competition.”
Michael Jordan


Build successful teams and communities

  • Basic notions
  • Group dynamics from forming to performing
  • Building psychological security and bonds
  • Competition and cooperation to maximize performance

Roles in a successful team

  • VIA character strengths
  • Taking the VIA self-assessment – online for free
  • Sharing each others strengths – building trust, pride and recognition

Communication channels

  • Chat box, Online platforms, e-mail (written group communication). Meeting in person: meetings, workshops – which, when and how?

For more details get in touch with us!

Phon: +36 20 968 2222