We bring a spark into your organisation-online.

We build Positive Organization: in front of fear and uncertainty, virtual workshops, online coaching

40+ clients

15+ years as the experts of the applied positive psychology

Unique Resilience Test- measurable results

Trainers having international certifications

Permanent contact with world leading researchers of positive psychology

Build a positive organization with us!

The results of positive organizations:

41% less sick leave

24-59% less employee turnover

70% less accidents

40% less waste

20% higher sales

21% higher profitability

If you want to be one of the pioneers of the 21. century leaders who build a positive organization, then you are looking for us.

Attitude change in all level

HR teams

Working practices that broaden HR roles from service provider to a leading force in shaping company culture.


Build a positive identity, have efficient energy management to become a courageous engaging and retaining force.


Build self-importance, self-esteem to become engaged alleys of reaching the common goals. 

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