Applied Positive Psychology

Business trainings and workshops,
individual and group coaching

The unique style of SkillToGo is built on research results of Positive Psychology concerning leadership and organizational effectiveness. Positive Psychology is the only scientific effort to understand conditions of resilient and healthy human behavior.  The MOTTO of the movement is: “FROM GOOD TO GREAT!”

Pozitív pszichológia alapú tréningek, workshopok
Pozitív szervezet

We experience that companies who chose SkillToGo as a partner in employee development arrived to high level of maturity and they are seeking answers to questions like:

  • How do we attract and retain generation Y?
  • How do we challenge our experts?
  • How do we engage outstanding high flyers?
  • How do we enhance an environment that enables FLOW and intrinsic motivation?
  • How do we transform profession into calling?

They strive to build a culture of meaning, long-term stability and sustainability.

SkillToGo addresses these questions with the wisdom and methodology of Positive Psychology.

Change of Attitude in all levels

HR team

We provide practical guidaince to turn the role of HR from service provider to a strong culture shaping force.


Positive Leadership: courageous and strong presence to engage and develop associates.


Feeling of importance and self-worth as prerequisites of becoming a cooperative ally in pursuing common goals.