• We create meaning: See the big picture – where am I in the organization, what is my added value?
  • We let you discover your strengths  – awareness of how you can use your signature strengths the best.
  • Self-esteem as an expert and as a professional consultant.
  • We practice positivity resonance to easily build trustworthy relationships with your clients.


Service provider approach

 2-day training/workshop

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning!”
Bill Gates


360 degree overwiev

  • Step into your client’s shoes: storytelling, collecting own experiences
  • See your own interest: development from earning money through climbing the carrier ladder to a real calling
  • See the organization’s point: interests, rules, limitations

Relationship with your clients

  • Be aware of your company’s processes
  • Understand the needs and situation  of your clients
  • Seek for mutual willingness to solve the situation
  • Follow a structure: collect information – work on the solution – stay in continuous contact
  • Explain the “WHY”
  • Be flexible, be creative – be the advocat of both your client and the organization
  • Service language: have ready made patterns that help keep the parties calm
  • Skill drill – practice, practice, practice

We adjust our final prgram to the real challenges of our clients.


Max 14 participants


2 days


We suggest to run the program on two consecutive days, or within a months period of time.

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Phone: +36 20 968 2222