• We suggest control over helplessness. We support taking responsibility for our own choices and decisions.
  • We insist on defining priorities and aligning activities to defined priorities.
  • We train Energy management: to defeat stress, prevent burnout, enjoy positive emotions intensive enough to have a healthy, functioning body.



Max 14 participants


1 day

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Self management, Time management based on positive psychology


Time is an optical illusion- never quite as solid or strong as we think it is .
Jodi Lynn Picoult


ME and My Professional role

  • ME from point of view of Time – rhythm, preferences, biorhythm, what energizes me and what doesn’t
  • My value system – the 4 most important things in my life – compared with the time I spend with them
  • My profession – “Digging deep” exercise – meaning, structure of my days, etc.

A little philosophy

  • Approach to time: Newton – Einstein
  • “Through time – In time” experiences  – and their connection with time management. How does your timeline look like?
  • Taking back control – mental exercises
  • How does structure help manage tasks?  Lists and actions – are they the same?

Resilience, time pressure and communication

  • “Skill to go” even if risks and failure are predicted
  • “Like a GPS”: re-design and re-design, improvisation and creativity
  • Keep the flame alive – never give up hope, provide hope for the environment as well

We adjust the program to the real challenges of our clients.