• The key of high safety awareness starts with importance of self
  • Caring for others – comes from community bonds
  • MQ – Flexible thinking, keeping balance between negative and positive emotions
  • Striving for ZERO accident



Max 14 participants


1 day

Safety for our community

„Getting home safely at the end of the day!”
One of our participants


Awareness of Personal Value

  • Focus on the value of a person.
  • Bradley–curve. Taking responsibility: Development from the external to the internal control.
  • Diagnosis: where does the organization actually stand?

MQ – Flexible thinking

  • Facts, Beliefs, Emotions, Actions – skill to separate the 4 notions.
  • The dice turns with us! Control over beliefs, broaden possible interpretations in every situation.
  • Way from EGO to Togetherness –  Establishing new thinking habits.

Agreements: new habits, rules

  • Commitment alongside new habits
  • Brainstorm for further new solutions, regulations
  • Decision about the implementation of the best ideas. Action plan.

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