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HR in the focus –

To establish a positive organization culture HR have to acquire a new mindset about their role in the organization


Participants: Max 8,

Time frame: 2 x 3 hours meetings in person, plus 5 x 1,5 hours webinar

Preconditions:  at least three years of experience as HR expert, minimum 1 year experience in a leadership position at HR, preliminary assessment

Next upcoming open program: March 17, 2020., then on every other Wednesday

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Further leadership training/workshop

“RH+”  HR Program – Bring a spark into your organization

Blended Learning Program

Don’t walk in front of me,….I may not follow
Don’t walk behind me…. I may not lead
Walk beside me….just be my ally.

– Albert Camus


  • Economical advantages of a positive organization – pros for a Strategic HR role.
  • Five pillars of Healthy – Resilient Organizations
  • Tasks and responsibilities of HR to establish the five pillars
  • Applied practices – What works and what not? Understanding the best practices from the point of view of the discoveries of Positive Psychology
  • Adjusting the major HR processes to the positive organization culture
  • A shift towards unique creative solutions
  • Action plan: specific goals, you want to achieve in your organization

By designing this program we relied on the wise advice of 8 senior HR managers working at 6 multinational companies.
Learn about the detailed program and the conditions of participation!