Pozitív pszichológia alapú tréningek, workshopok

Presentation skills

2-day training/workshop

„”If you can’t write your message in a sentence, you can’t say it in an hour.”
Dianna Booher


  • Self-esteem and energy -resources as a presenter
  • Effort to create the moments of positivity resonance – to get on the same wavelengths with your audience
  • Activate emotions in your audience to enhance the function of long-term memory



Max 10 participants


2 days



We suggest to organize the program on two consecutive days. Otherwise no more than maximum 4 weeks in between the two days.

For more information contact us!

Phone: +36 20 968 2222
Email: office@skilltogo.hu


Positive identity as a presenter

  • Where authenticity and energy come from?
  • Visual demonstration – experiment

Steps of an excellent presentation

  • Energy refill – individual strengths
  • Data collection – audience, environment, content
  • Preparation, rehearsal

Success factors

  • The “talking” body
  • Powerful visuals
  • Impressing words
  • Clear structure
  • Together with the audience

Master presentations

  • This is a day for practicing skills: practice the presentation itself and observation practice
  • Our goal is to sharpen the awareness of every single building block of a successful presentation
  • We collect information about the everyday reality of our clients before the program, so we can adjust our messages to the style and culture of their organization.