MQ® – Resilience test

  • Unique and copyrighted measurement tool in Europe
  • Predicts resilience
  • Identifies change agents of the organization
  • Shows how far a leader can provide hope and harvest success
  • Provides diagnose about energy and resilience levels of the organization

360 degree evaluation

Unique features:

  • Cost effective: 5-15 test takers 25 000.- HUF
  • Easily editable questions, several in-built patterns to get started
  • Private mail system and database
  • Easy to manage

4 arguments to use tests

  1. Items could be generated in teamwork
  2. Data protection: you have your own account
  3. Multilingual solution
  4. You can store and compare the results for years

This is a computer program developed by us

We have the opportunity to measure the effectiveness of our cooperation. You can generate 5 different types of tests.

You can see below the list, and scrolling down a more detailed description.

  • 360 degree evaluation
  • Multiple choice test
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Free style evaluation
  • MQ test