• We share the science behind the essential human need for feedback
  • We designed short skill drill exercises to train the ability to distinguish among: facts, beliefs, emotions and behavior
  • We provide evidence that the process of feedback and individual development are strictly linked
  • We give you a toolset to build an organization based on positive emotions and learning



Max 12 participants


1 day

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Feedback culture and coaching

Leadership program/workshop

“Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.”


Definition of feedback

  • Feedback as prevention of learned helplessness
  • Feedback as a tool for realistic self-knowledge
  • Feedback as a signpost to indicate the direction of development

Types of feedback

  • Reinforcing feedback
  • Developmental feedback
  • Feedback of lack of feedback
  • Direct criticism
  • Disciplinary actions

Role play

  • Skill drill

Leader as coach

  • On-the-job coaching as support for growth
  • Double focus of coaching
    • Professional skills – WHAT?
    • Behavior, interpretations, attitude – HOW?
  • The process of coaching: From goal setting to behavior change
  • Mindful presence: read the body language, feel the atmosphere, let the coachee take the lead, ensure mutual understanding
  • Coaching practice – DEMO videos