• We highlight why communication is one of our basic human needs
  • We present the groundbreaking theory of Barbara Fredrickson: Broaden and Build
  • We practice getting in rapport and having micromoments of positivity resonance
  • We provide you the language of high self-esteem and assertiveness



Max 14 participants


2 days



We suggest to organize the second day 4-8 weeks after the first program. Homework will be given for this period of time.

For more details get in touch with us!

Phone: +36 20 968 2222


2-day training/workshop

„Words are also seeds, and when dropped into the invisible spiritual substance they grow and bring forth after their kind. ”
Charles Fillmore

Content of 1st Day

Theory background

  • Basic mindsets: Fight or Flight versus Broaden and Build and the fitting communication patterns
  • Watzlavick rules
  • Lorenz rules
  • Communication channels

Roles of emotions

  • What empathy exactly is
  • Micromoments of positivity resonance
  • Upward spiral

Laser weapons of communication

  • Rapport – positivity resonance
  • Mindful presence
  • High-gain questions
  • Leading and following questions
  • Confirming skills
  • Practice, practice, practice

Content of 2nd Day

Expressing our best possible self

  • Building self-esteem following the communication wisdom of Virginia Satir
  • Control of our beliefs, what we can take for granted for all of us
  • “Turn the dice” choose intentionally the interpretation of each and every moment of your life. Stay in control!

Emotion management

  • Mindfulness exercises – sharpen your perception
  • Care for positive emotional overweight
  • Respect, pride, curiosity, trust as basics of mutual win-win solutions

Patterns of assertiveness

  • Reach vocabulary for expressing emotions
  • Expression of respect towards others
  • Expressing our rights
  • Say NO -it helps to clear the situation and build a stronger environment
  • Learn and practice non-judgmental patterns – talk about yourself instead of others