• We present PERMA model to prevent Burnout
  • We help understand what is going on in the background on the level of physiology
  • We distinguish basic expressions like Stress -Distress- Eustress – GAS
  • Build control over the body/physiology – switch between stress and relaxed moments with emotion management
  • We help get back in control  over work expectations, personal needs and resources.



Géza Groma, the most experienced expert of burnout in  the field of IT in Hungary

Lecturer at the Semmelweis University  at the Faculty of Academic Program of Health and Public Services

Burnout prevention, stress management

Flourishing in work

2-day program/workshop

„Work like children play!”
SkillToGo motto


Stages of burnout

  • Becoming aware of the stages of burnout
  • Consequences of burnout on personal and organization levels
  • Stress as a trigger to burnout

Building awareness

  • Individual trigger buttons
  • Personal preferences – self-acceptance
  • Dealing with perfectionism

New approach to stress

  • Dealing with stress as the readiness of our body to win: building resilience – take back control
  • Break the GAS – awareness of the prolonged feeling of being helpless – proactive search for an alternative interpretation of the situation

Pillars of Well-being

  • PERMA – discussing each item
  • Building awareness
  • Manage monotony by job redesign
  • New individual and group habits for the well-being of our community as a whole

Max 12 participants


2 days



We suggest to organize the second day 4-8 weeks later after the first day program

We developed a home work package to ensure participants can build up their skills to build control over their automatic stress reactions.

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Phone: +36 20 968 2222