• The wellbeing of the leader is a foundation of his/her effort
  • Redefining stress situations
  • Emotional and energy balance sheet – consequences at the workplace
  • Workload – personal needs, resources
  • Building new habits to prevent burnout


Géza Groma, the most experienced expert of burnout in  the field of IT in Hungary

Géza is a lecturer at the Semmelweis University on the faculty of Mental Health


Max 12 participants


2 days



We suggest to plan the second day wihin minimum 3 weeks and maximum 2 months. We designed tasks to practice the new learnings between the two days.

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Burnout prevention for leaders

Two-day program/workshop for leaders


“The richest and fullest lives attempt to achieve an inner balance between three realms: work, love and play.”
Erik Ericson


Process of burnout – on the level of emotions, engagement and performance

  • The effect of burnout on the individual and the organization
  • Learning about the process of burnout and how to deal with it

Identify individual risk factors and learning tools to manage them

  • The different roles of leaders and role-conflicts
  • More responsibilities, more pressure

Redefine our definition concerning stress

  • Minimize negative effects of stress, maximize the positive ones
  • Should everything be handled by the leaders? – perfectionism is the root cause of burnout

Cornerstones of Well-being  – positive emotions, getting involved, relationships, performance

  • Getting conscious access to our healthy resources ensuring effective functioning
  • Acquiring  new individual and group habits
  • Who is guarding the guards – Support for leaders
  • Effective team – psychological security

What leaders can do for the well-being of others

  • Six factors that influence the most our relation to work
  • Remotivating exhausted colleagues
  • Job crafting
  • Build everyday small habits to diminish the danger of burnout and high turnover