Reasoning and handling objections with positive psychology

Training/workshop for sales experts

„As the pitcher chooses their style according to the bat,
the sales expert adjusts their reasoning according to the needs of the clients.

Ray Kroc


  • Positivity resonance for relationships based on trust
  • Identify Facts, Beliefs, Emotions, Behaviors
  • Win-Win thinking style
  • Turn the dice: information and learning from objection
  • Stable professional identity – feeling valuable and important



Max 12 participants


1 day

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Help your client flourish

  • Your emotional bond to your company, products and services
  • Universal well-being of your clients who buy and use your products/services
  • Understanding (creating ) the real needs of the client
  • Engage all senses of your client so that they can vividly experience how it really feels to be your client
  • Start an upward spiral:  use the „magical triad”
  • Manage the fear of committment, the tension of decision
  • Build a long lasting relationship
  • Roleplay and debrief

From Fight to Sales Closure

  • “Let the mirror neurons do their work” – feel what your client feels
  • Separate facts from beliefs
    • address facts as thoroughly as you only can
    • understand and correct beliefs as gently as you only can
    • protect the interests of both your company and your client
  • Practice, practice, practice