About us

Who are we?

Profile picture of dr. Kovács Eszter CEO

dr. Kovács Eszter

Founder, Consultant, Psychologist

I started my career as a physician at the Hungarian Railways. Most of my patients had a hard life, they needed rather psychologist than a doctor. This…

Profile picture of Alexandra Cser CEO, trainer, coach

Alexandra Cser

CEO, Resilience expert, Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, CPF

Graduated at ELTE Faculty of Arts, studied at Sorbonne University, Paris. Certified in Positive Psychology by Barbara Fredrickson in 2015, and…

Profil Picture of Szabó Mónika trainer, consultant, coach

Szabó Mónika

Consultant, Senior trainer

Graduated as a teacher in 1985 and as a human organization expert in 1999. I am a certified facilitator and remote educator. I have 10 years…

Profile picture of Enikő Szalai trainer, consultant, HR expert

Enikő Szalai

Consultant, Trainer, Coach

I have been working as the head of HR in Hungary and in several European countries in multinational companies. I have first hand experiences…

Profil Picture of Groma Géza trainer, consultant, burnout expert

Groma Géza

Consultant, Trainer, Burnout Prevention expert

Studied mathematics of computer program planning but concluded to be deeply involved in human development. To satisfy my interests I…

What we believe?

We believe,

  • that resilience can be developed.
  • that we create value for our partners.
  • that best result comes from cooperative creation instead of applying ready made solutions.
  • that we ensure measurable business results and engagement to our partners in a long term partnership.

We are experts

  • in developing the HR to C level management
  • in measuring resilience
  • indeveloping resilience
  • in identifying and changing the patern of the internal dialogues - MQ programs
  • in traditional skill development based on Positive Psychology - communication, leadership, sales

Our focus is

In the business

  • To develop strategyc partnership between the management board members and head of HR
  • To raise the self/confidence and resilience of leaders
  • To build positive organisation cultur

In the social area

to train teachers to become positve psychology experts

We organise the Positive Psychology conference in every two years

to spread the new scientific results in the wide society.

to translate and support to publish books:

  • Seligman: Autententic happyness
  • Seligman: The optimsitic child
  • Fredrickson: Positivity
  • Fredrickson: Love 2.0
  • Youngson: Time to care